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On data protection

I have given a lot of talks on data protection. Some resources (in Swedish), primarily concerning breach notifications, are collected at

On identity

I have given a few talks on identity from a broader perspective than just data protection. See presentations from Lund university (Swedish) and Internetdagarna 2017 (also Swedish).

On the EU

Think "the EU, how does it work?" In practice I start out from my experiences with European telecommunications law, and contrast decision making in Brussels and the EU with the experiences of decision-making in Stockholm and Sweden I have made while working with

On mathematics and technology

I have presented on differential privacy at IRTF, on technical standardisation at HOPE, Bornhack, HotPETS and StandICT.EU, as well as organized internal trainings on the overlap between human rights, competition law and advancements in technology standards.

In capacity of EU MEP

As a publicly elected representative, I was expected to give public talks on my work. There is a fairly large amount of video recordings of me talking in committees, at UN conferences, with party colleagues, in smaller or larger meetings, on issues broadly relating to policy and technology dating back as far as 2009.

Selection of requested items

DPForum (IAPP) Xmas Event, December 2019

My speech "This year in data protection" on important court rulings and hopes for the future. See here (Swedish).

DECODE Closing Conference panel, November 2019

At the closing conference of EU research project DECODE, I participated in a panel on how to achieve democratic control and governance for data. See video recording at Vimeo. I also made a brief recorded reflection (see video).

Netnod Tech Meet-Up, October 2019

Digital colonies - EU strategies for independence? See here [slides].

Bornhack, August 2019

We're in it for the long-haul – reflections on European internet policies in 2019. Se YouTube-video.

Bornhack, August 2019

Adventures in hardware standardisation (on European rifts and opportunities). See YouTube video. [slides]

HotPETS, July 2019

Good privacy news from technical standards development bodies - the future is bright! presentation at HotPETS 2019 here [slides].