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Policy writing

"Policy strategies for value-based technology standards", A. Andersdotter, L. Olejnik, Internet Policy Review, 2021. [here]

Tech Trends Watch for CENTR starting in April 2020 and regularly (and sequentially!) listed here.

Whitepaper "EU-domstolens ogiltigförklarande av Privacy Shield" for Safespring in 2020 here.

Contributions to P802E Privacy Recommendations from 2018-2019 here.

Contributions on data protection, identity and/or surveillance policy in Sweden from 2015-2018 here.

"Breach notifications: a step towards cyber-security for consumers and citizens", CIS, 2017. [here]

"Has the Time Come for Less Red-tape in Indian Telecom?", CyFy Digital, ORF, 2017. [here]


In autumn 2018 I wrote a quite long note on Facebook about the hateful rhetoric espoused by the copyright lobby against citizens, librarians, web services and other entities that you might otherwise believe to be good to have in a democracy, or at least relatively harmless. I have since closed my Facebook account, but saved the text in [swedish | english ].

"Djupare juridisk analys med jurimetri – En fallstudie i upphovsrätten", Juridisk tidskrift, 2018.

"Evaluating Websites and Their Adherence to Data Protection Principles: Tools and Experiences", IFIP Summer School proceedings, 2016, with Anders Jensen-Urstad.

"Om samordnade förfaranden och vertikala begränsningar mellan elektroniska kommunikationstjänster och informationssamhällets leverantörer vid avtal om avgiftsfri datatrafik", student thesis, Lund university, 2017. [here, swedish]


I worked for a newspaper a couple of summers, and frequently comment contemporary affairs in Sweden since 2008. There are, however, a few op-eds that I am especially proud about.

2017--2019 "Dalabänken". Annual series of investigatory articles on the performance of MPs from the Swedish region of Dalarna. The idea is to qualitatively review the work of members of parliament in a way similar to how I would have wanted to be reviewed when I was MEP.
2019 [Socialdemokraterna (S) | Peter Helander (C) | Mats Norberg (SD) | Daniel Riazat (V) | Lars Adaktusson (KD) | Ann-Britt Åsebol (M) | Magnus Persson (SD) | Carl-Oskar Bohlin (M) | Intro]
2018 [Magnus Persson (SD) | Roza Güclü Hedin (S) | Peter Helander (C) | Ann-Britt Åsebol (M) | Sven-Olof Sällström (SD) | Carl-Oskar Bohlin (M) | Jan-Olof Lindholm (MP) | Daniel Riazat (V) | Intro]
2017 [Daniel Riazat (V) | Socialdemokraterna (S) | Sverigedemokraterna (SD) | Jan Lindholm (MP) | Peter Helander (C) | Maria Strömkvist (S) | Roza Güclü Hedin (S) | Carl-Oskar Bohlin (M) | Intro]
2017-07-29 "Klart du ska kunna ta en selfie med [Selma i Falun | Jussi i Borlänge | Blixten i Borlänge]". Commentary on the Swedish so-called Wikimedia ruling, which introduced an obligation of online catalogues of public artwork to pay license fees to collective rights management organisations for public arts for the cataloguing of the art. See also the note on public domain public arts in the Stuff-section.