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Stuff that I am or have been doing that I like.

Differential privacy in internet protocols

The Internet Engineering Task Force has initiated a fairly broad range of privacy-related projects in recent years. I dived into differential privacy with Christoffer Långström in 2018-2019, and since then exploring randomized response mechanisms with Shivan Kaul. Differential privacy was originally conceived as a mechanism for large database holders to more credibly allow third-party use of their holdings.

Webbkoll: Better privacy through better web design

Webbkoll (web privacy check) from is a reference point for many Europeans, including the French government, BEUC, Heinrich Böll and our broad network of German users whose feedback help us improve. Thanks to community efforts, Webbkoll is available in English, Swedish, German and Norwegian. Our developers contribute to EDRi:s #EthicalWebDev guidelines. Donate to so that we can keep developing!

European liberal voices in Sweden

Through my role in the editorial council of Liberal debatt, I hope to introduce a broader range of European writers in the Swedish liberal idea landscape. So far (March 2020) I have requested or translated articles from Sorin Cucerai, Gemma Pinyol-Jiménez, Markus Kaim and David Bravo.

Swedish maps of public art

In the summer of 2017 I created maps of public domain public art works in different Swedish cities together with Karolingva after a court ruling in Sweden ordered Wikimedia to pay a copyright license for cataloguing pictures of public art works online. Our maps show if the art work is in the public domain and can be safely photographed (green), if copyright will expire within the next ten years (yellow), of if it's locked from public use (red). There was also a series of articles.

Inkscape art: good enough sharks

I played around with Inkscape in 2019. This is one of my creations. It's not the best shark but it's good enough. I took some inspiration from a Youtube video with speed-fish-drawing.

Privacy Recommendations for IEEE 802 technologies

In 2017 until now, I worked on MAC randomization and Privacy Recommendations for IEEE 802 network technologies, among others with Mathieu Cunche and Juan-Carlos Zúñiga (see also). The first of those projects solve some pretty tough problems for European SMEs that try to deal with data protection laws, and the second I hope will set the tone for a new era of vertically compatible, open, privacy-friendly internetworks. See also my HotPETS presentation from 2019.