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Some 2020 creativity that I indulged in to explain myself.


I've been a publicly elected official. Common things that people ask me are "How did you get elected?" or "How was it being an MEP?" I also get the occasional "All politicians are out to enrich themselves" or "The European Union is full of incompetent people" or "You must be really talented". The task of representing a diverse continent of so many languages, cultures, peoples and histories should be daunting to anyone - as a voter, I am deeply suspicious of those MEPs that sleep well at night. That said, I'm also very proud of my accomplishments as MEP, and deeply indebted and grateful to a number of talented, conscientious Europeans who helped me understand the width, breadth and depth of our Union and it's economic, social and political framework.

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Here is a table of contents:

  1. Relatable
  2. Hair
  3. Responsibility
  4. Stars and strawberries
  5. European culture 1
  6. European culture 2
  7. European culture 3
  8. Everyone likes MEPs
  9. Ditching a book
  10. On procedure
  11. People who pwn it
  12. Orthography
  13. Orthography 2
  14. Very much ago
  15. Remixing wonders
  16. Baking cookies
  17. Slightly less ago (NIS)
  18. On procedure (PQs)
  19. Writing e-mail
  20. Slightly less ago (potatos)
  21. Much ago (pizzas and stars)
  22. People from around the world (french accent)
  23. No beaming sexism
  24. Responsibility part 4
  25. Responsibility part 5
  26. Shoes
  27. The mother modem
  28. Librarian
  29. Shoes again
  30. On procedure (chairing meetings)
  31. Much ago (plants)
  32. Max Weber (on ethics)
  33. Mom and Pidelipom
  34. Belgian news 1 (Prince)
  35. Belgian news 2 (The Agent)

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