Thanks really good reading. I think for each digital product I buy, one or two din´t work as expected or had something there did, that the experience with it was less great. Of course we shall have some good rights when buying online og is using online services but companies also shall sit on a good place.

I like the open source software and support the idea but must of the software I use isn´t and thin for most persons it will stay that way, for sure if on a windows computer system. If linux it is a hole other talk since many things can run as a script - here Windows is more messy to dance with or even invite to the prom night. And there is a lot crap online and it´s easy to hide og rebrand youself. it take two seconds to start again. Just buy let´s say a new domain + hosting and change a little in the backcode and the front gui. Then I think it´s too easy compared to the physical world. - If you here need to hide you probably would need to change building and that isn´t cheap at all so they for sure need to sell something of higer quality and with alot alpha and beta tesing. BR Sofie, Denmark.