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Unionized workers of KBS, the nation’s largest broadcaster, have voted to go on strike, joining journalists of MBC who walked out more than a month ago. Like the union of MBC, KBS journalists and other staff are calling for the resignation of the company president who has allegedly censored coverage critical of President Lee Myung-bak.


Google's new Privacy policy is still discussed in regards to privacy. Experts say Google is not the first one who has aggregated personal data. Korean conglomerates including Samsung Group, CJ Group, and KT have done what’s called a single sign-on or SSO, which is to unify private log-in information across their services, to make it easier to manage data and save costs as well. And critics argue that the Korean government has brought a double standard to foreign and national companies when it comes to protecting online privacy, when criticizing Google's new policy.


Social Networks
Lee Chang-sup, chief editorial writer of The Korea Times, writes that people are often prone to sympathize with even wrong information they like, and reject accurate information they disfavor in an editorial discussing the role of traditional media versus social networks.


Cyber Security
Seven adolescents committed a DDos attack on the website of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family because they didn’t like the ministry’s policies. The ministry has implemented policies such as banning young gamers from accessing online games at nighttime and putting “harmful to adolescents” labels on songs of idol groups because of cigarette- or drinking-related lyrics.


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