EU Data retention directive in Germany

 Germany tries to find a compromise on its implementation of the EU data retention directive but risks to be sanctioned by the European Commission.

 The liberal German Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger suggests a "quick freeze" of data under court statement, before considering longer retention and transmission to investigators, instead of the 6 month automatic compulsory data storage from ISPs and Telecom firms required by the EU directive.

 In Sweden a new data retention law that complies with the directive requirements was passed yesterday.

 Germany freezes the idea of a two-strike online piracy law

 Last week the negotiations in Berlin between the righholders and internet providers representatives, under the supervision of the government, failed  on a possible two-strike online piracy law, after a proposal from the Ministry of Economy. The representative of the German association of the internet economy eco said he was satisfied with the negotiations (non)outcome, as 'warning notices are without any doubt inGermany against data protection and constitutional rights'.

Previous attempt from the music industry failed in 2008 for the introduction of a three-strike law based on the French model of Hadopi. already at that time the German internet providers said the rightholders could send themselves the warnings, but wouldn't do so it because its too costly...







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