Committees of the European Parliament

The aim of the committees of the European Parliament is to help the European Commission in initiating legislation. They are formed by MEPs from every political group in the Parliament and each Committee has a chairperson and four Vice-Chairpersons.

Memberships in a Committee can be of two kinds:

  • Full Member: It has full speaking and voting rights
  • Substitute Member: It has full speaking rights but can only vote in replacement of absent full members.

For every report of the Committee, the chairperson appoints a rapporteur who will be in charge. This person is selected from amongst the Members and permanent substitutes of the Committee. Normally, political groups other than the one of the rapporteur appoint a person in charge for that specific report. This person is called ‘shadow rapporteur’ or just ‘shadow’.

Right now, In the European Parliament there are 20 Committees, 2 sub-committees and 1 special committee:

Amelia is a Full Member of ITRE, the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy; she is also a Substitute Member in INTA (Committee on International Trade) and CONT (Committee on Budgetary Control).

Christian, her colleague MEP from the Pirate Party, is a Full Member in IMCO, Committee on the International Market and Consumer Protection, and in JURI, the Committee on Legal Affairs.




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