Facts you should know about your data


  • Very few things in life are free (I am sure you knew this already) and online services are not an exception. You don´t need money for using Google (as well as Gmail, Google Drive, etc), Facebook, Hotmail, Twitter and many other services because you pay with allowing these companies to have access to your data and make money out of it.
  • Many smart-phone applications, like Angry Birds and many other, collect part of your data in your phone and use it for their own interests. Some of them even track contact lists and pictures from your phone!
  • Every time you have purchased something on the internet it gets registered and stored. This means that there are databases with all the stuff you have bought and your consumption patterns.


If you want to know more about your data, privacy and how to protect it, you can take a look to these websites:

https://dataskydd.net/ (in Swedish)

http://protectiadatelor.noisieu.ro (in Romanian)

The Spanish version is coming soon!

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