Campaigning time!


As the month of September started, the elections in Germany (22nd September), Czech Republic (25 - 26th October) and Luxembourg (20th October) are closing.


First of all, it is important to mention that the situation in all three countries stated above is incredibly different. Luxembourgian Prime minister decided to resign after a wiretapping scandal, in the Czech Republic the Prime minister decided to resign after several members of the government were accused of corruption. In Germany Angela Merkel tries to defend her position in regular elections. 

How did my trip to Dresden start? In Ústí nad Labem, I joined with Alix from French Pirate Party, and then we travelled to Dresden, where we met Sebastian, one of the leading pirates of Saxony. The level of his understandings of the situation both in Saxony, as well as Germany was quite impressive. To be honest, it is hard to comment such a complex foreign policy analysis of his, especially when you are from such a small country, where politicians deal mostly with regional issues. 

Intense preparations for the election campaign are underway. As I've seen in PP3 meeting, German Pirates are working on the whole campaign with their typical punctuality. The topics are clear and there is also some kind of typical Pirate sense of humor. The surprise of the meeting was presence of Austrian Pirates, which are also getting ready for election campaign in their own country. 

The PP3 was branded as a trilateral meeting of Czech, German and Polish Pirates. Eventhough, it had a form of a practical workshop, related mostly to the campaigning. Many questions arisen: Which cities to target in the campain the most? How to cooperate during national campaigning on international level? What is the most important thing during organizing a campaign? How to speed up communication in the group? Which topics should we focus on? How to evaluate current political situation in both Germany and Czech Republic? In the afternoon we had a videoconference with Mikuláš Ferjenčík, the chief of the Czech campaign. We were presented with a schedule of the campaign, as it was defined and prepared by Mikuláš.

General public could also see the presence of Pirates in Dresden. We made a nice "pirate" walk through the city. We draw some attention. The walk ended at Wallstrasse, where it was nicely closed by a flashmob event. At one very moment when a signal was given, all fell down, then got their bodies contours sketched out on the pavement, finally filled them with slogans about privacy and freedom, that can be lost.I personally did not participate in the flashmob, but I spent some valuable time with local people, talking with them about Pirate ideas, upcoming elections, as well as about situation in many european countries in general. 

The event preceeded my arrival to Brussels, where I decided to become an intern at the office of Amelia Andersdotter, the pirate MEP. It was a great start!


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