A new intern in Brussels

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jan Loužek, and my nickname in the internet reality is Aktron. I am a new intern here in Brussels at Amelia's office. 

Who am I anyway? I am a guy, who is interested in Pirate agenda, as many of the agendas of other movements, dedicated mostly to the very same thing - making the Internet a place, where we can do things like sharing informations, interchange knowledge or speed up cultural progress without the obstacles that we face unfortunatelly now. To stop processes that can cripple free Internet, or that can put it into chains of someone's interest. This is the goal. Tools, how to achieve it - are many. 

I can remember clearly February 2012, when I went to Belgrade in order to visit a conference, dedicated to the cooperation between internet communities and culture-related institutions. All the way to Belgrade I was puzzled by a question: How to make an interesting speech to 120 people in one room? Few hours after the actual speech I was asked to speak to cca 2000 people at the anti-ACTA demonstration at the Republic Square, prepared also by the Serbian Pirates. This was my first engagement in Pirate-related activities. Then I joined many of the pirate activities when I realized my actucal contribution can be worthy. For example, I helped Croatian Pirates during their election campaign in april 2013 - as a person, that also speak Croatian language, aside of English, Russian and Polish (the third one is a language I am actually learning). 

As a very opened extrovert person the kind of activities I like contain communication with others, promoting ideas and sharing own ones. I am also a Wikipedian, a Wkimedian, a Linux guy, a traveller, and a amateur photographer (publishing all work under Creative Commons licence).

The thing that interest me the most about Pirate-related activities as well as about the Pirate Parties is the interchange of ideas and the speed of this process. There is hardly any community, that realized how important sharing actually is. Pirates are actually the one and only movement, that is truly European - as most of its participants know see the borders as lines on a map, not walls separating people, ideas or goals. Based on fast information sharing, the Pirate movement - politically represented by various parties throughouth Europe - can be stronger than most of others. I'd be happy if I could contribute to this goal. 





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